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    Talking Latest Dubai Shar City Announcement

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    Dubai Government Offcials Have Officially Announced That They Are Bringing A New Project Which Is Going To Be The World's Most Expensive Project Ever. The Projext Called Shar City Will Cost Amazingly $27.7 Billion And It Will Be Build On A Sea. It Will Have It's Own Airport, Own Railway System, Stadiums, Shopping Plazas, Business Buildings And Houses. The World's First Unique Cricket Stadium Which Will Be Build On The Actual Sea And The Stadium Will Be Underneath Water So Cruises And Ships Of Residents Can Park & When Ever Their Will Be A Game The Stadium Will Float Up And Become In Exeistence FromThe Sea. It Will Have A Unique Hotel Where The Reception And The Main Entrence Area Is 200 Feet Underneath Water Where You Have To Dive And Swim To Get Into It. It Will Have It's Own Power Stations. The Project Is So Big That The Main Project Time Has Been Given 15 Years And The Deadline Of The Shar City Project Is June 2023 And The Most Amazing Thing Of This Project Is 19 % Has Already Been Sold Out To The Potential Buyers And Most Shocking Thing Is That Contractors Have Agreed To The Dealine To Finish This Amazing World's Most Unique Shar City Project On Time

    Here Are Some Amazing Pictures I Will Be Stonished If After Looking At These Wonderful Images Someone Still Does Not Get Amazed..

    Main View Of The Shar City

    The Unique Hotel Which Will Have The Entrence Underneath Water

    Shar City Airport

    The Shar City Stadium Which Will Float Up For The Game

    Shar City Block Hotel

    Night View Of The Shar City Stadium

    South View Of The Shar City Stadium

    Inner View Of The Shar City

    One Of The Business Plaza

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    Wow that is def amazing!
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    Dats Nice Tht They R Gonna Do Nice Stuff Lik Dat Cuz Den Dars More Places To Visit

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    wooow thats like awsomeeeee!!!!TFS

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!

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    t4s nice...

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