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    Default Bad News Barrett On How Nexus Was Booked, Cena, Favorite Opponents

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    The following are highlights of a new Ten Sports interview with Bad News Barrett:

    On working with John Cena after debuting on the main roster: ďThat was a pretty intense period in my life, to go from being pretty much an unknown wrestler, which I had been for 6 years at that point since Iíve started wrestling to suddenly get the opportunity to go out there and be a main event level character, and be the guy thatís opening up every RAW on the microphone and closing every RAW, wrestling all the top stars and beating up John Cena, which is a huge jump for me to go from that unknown around the world; I wasnít recognized to immediately being one of the most important guys on the show. So it was a pretty intense period in my life, but I also loved every second of it. It was what essentially I was aiming to do, what I had sacrificed for, for over 6 Ė 7 years in my career to get to that point. So, to get that payoff, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders; so I didnít really feel the pressure much. I was just enjoying the reactions we were getting and I knew it was working. Everything we did was working perfectly, so that felt good.Ē

    On if he thinks Nexus could have been booked better towards the end: ďYeah, 100%. I think there was definitely more life left in Nexus at the time. If I had been in charge, I wouldnít have ended it like it ended. But then again, we got great opportunities for young superstars to come into the WWE, make a huge impact and then 4 or 5 years down the line, most of us are still around, and most of us are still making a very good living in the WWE, and are involved in great angles. So I donít really look at it in a negative way; I think we were very fortunate to get that opportunity, and Iím also very grateful for the fact that Nexus came along when it did. I wish it couldíve gone a bit longer, but I think thereís always that appetite left for people where they want to see some more of Nexus. They know it didnít end the way it shouldíve ended, and I think thereís always a potential in the future where we could bring it back. So weíll have to see how that goes.Ē

    On his favorite opponents: ďMy favorite opponent to work with.. Iíd say there are two to choose between, and itís because Iíve probably wrestled them more than anybody else, and that would be Kofi Kingston and Sheamus. Theyíre two completely different wrestlers. Kofi is obviously a high Ė flying, technical kind of guy, and Sheamus is very smash mouth and last time there were a lot of bruises and black eyes and things like that. So two completely different kind of wrestlers; I always seem to have good chemistry with them, and I donít think Iíve had a bad match with either of those two, despite the fact that weíd wrestled hundreds of times. So I love wrestling those two, and then just before I got injured, I had a couple of matches with Dolph Ziggler. Heís a guy I have a lot of respect for, and Iíve known Dolph for 6 or 7 years and up until probably 3 months ago, weíve never had a match before. So to get in with him and we clicked instantly; heís another one that Iím hoping that when I get back, I get to do stuff with him because heís currently got my Intercontinental championship I got stripped off. So fingers crossed, when I get back I can go straight for him, and try and win that back, and see what we can do together.Ē

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    Before Barrett got hurt the first time, he had some good fights with Orton as well. I liked Barrett's fights with Sheamus. I would like to see Cesaro vs. Barrett when he comes back.

    In fact, a 3-way with Barrett, Sheamus and Cesaro would have a goo amoundt of bruises on all parties by the end of it, I would think!



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