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    Default Karishma Chandak Modi, the perfectionist does it again in the Kashmir shoot of Shapath

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    Actress Karishma Chandak Modi is back from the exciting schedule of her Life OK show Shapath (Fireworks Productions) in Kashmir. The girl who essays the role of Kashish has braved off the icy climate and chill weather to give some breath-taking shots as part of the stunt sequences shot in the hilly region.

    Talking about her Kashmir experience, Karishma says, “Due to low light conditions the shoot used to start at around 4am everyday and the unit struggled to finish by 7pm. The shooting conditions were demanding due to constant snowfall which made it difficult for the actors to walk normally or even carry out their stunts correctly.”

    “For me, cold was the most difficult part. Also, it was not snow, it was ice that was so slippery. We just could not walk over the ice. In one of the scenes that we were shooting, Jaywant had to fall in the ice cold water and I also had to jump in order to save him. But the water was so cold that nobody allowed me to jump. Director B.P.Singh had also accompanied us for the shoot and he was directing us. Since the water was extremely cold, he was just not letting me enter the water and owing to this we indulged in a small argument. But later, when I forced him, he agreed to let me in only till the waist and not entirely into the water,”
    states a duty-bound Karishma.

    Karishma, you are really brave!!



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