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    Default "Cold was the most difficult part shooting in Kashmir " Karishma Modi Chandhoke

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    Karishma Modi Chandhoke who essays the role of Kashish in Life OK's Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath shares her experience as she visits Kashmir for a special shoot in this candid chat with us.

    We have always kept you updated with the latest happening in television. We had earlier reported about Karishma Modi Chandhoke, Kashish of Life OK's Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath, had recently been to Kashmir for a special sequence for the show. It is to everyone's knowledge by now that Karishma Modi Chandhoke is the only Indian television actress who prefers performing all her stunts by herself.

    Elaborating more about her shooting experience in Kashmir, the entire team of Shapath had been to Kashmir for a special shoot where both the leads, Kashish (Karishma Modi Chandhoke) and Jaywant (Manit Joura), had to perform stunts.

    We got in touch with Karishma and this is what she had to say about her chilling experience!

    "In one word - CHILLING (Laughs aloud). It was too cold in Kashmir and my entire experience was chilling and freezing. It was definitely not easy for us as we were not there as tourists but as actors. We had to look good, had to keep a check on our make-up, could not wear too much of woollen clothes, and had to walk in the snow naturally because of our shoot. I feel shooting outdoor has its own pros and cons. It is not easy to shoot anywhere outside our set. But yes, the production house took extreme care of us."

    Go on...

    "The days there in Kashmir were too long so we used to start our shoot at 4 in the morning as we had to pack-up early because by 7 in the evening weather gets extremely cold and unbearable. Talking about the sequence, Kashish has already started showing interest in Jaywant in the show and she might later fall in love with him. In one of the scenes that we were shooting, Jaywant had to fall in the ice cold water and I also had to jump in order to save him. But the water was so cold that nobody allowed me to jump. Director B.P.Singh had also accompanied us for the shoot and he was directing us. Since the water was extremely cold, he was just not letting me enter the water and owing to this we indulged in a small argument. But later, when I forced him, he agreed to let me in only till the waist and not entirely into the water." ends Karishma

    What was the most difficult task while shooting there for Shapath?

    "For me, cold was the most difficult part. Also, it was not snow, it was ice that was so slippery. We just could not walk over the ice. Also, since B.P.Singh was there, there was too much of seriousness around. But the best part was that the people in Kashmir knew us buy our character names and that motivated us more." concludes Karishma.

    We wish Karishma all the luck for all that she does and wishes for all her endeavours.



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