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    Default BJPW Vs CZW Vol 2 Includes BJPW KOTDM 2001 Tournament

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    BJPW Vs CZW Vol 2 Includes BJPW KOTDM 2001 Tournament

    My niggas.. I uploaded Vol 3 on here a few months ago. Just found this disc n decided to throw it up here for yall.. hope u all enjoy... lets go
    All matches take place in BJPW
    Zandig vs Ryuji Yamakawa (Nails, Light tubes, Barbed Wire Boards, Big piece of metal and a buncha other shit Death Match)
    Zandig vs Honma (Glass Crush Death Match)
    Zandig, Wifebeater, Justice Pain vs Yamakawa, Honma, Shadow WX (Thumbtacks, Lemons, Light Tube Boards.. very rare insane match.. im a fool for this 1 !!)
    Zandig & Jun Kasai vs Wifebeater & Mad Man Pondo (Free Weapons Death Match)
    BJPW KOTDM 2001 Footage
    Justice Pain vs Kamikaze (Barbed Wire Boards)
    Wifebeater vs Winger (Barbed Wire Boards)
    Winger vs Kintaro Kanemura (Barbed Wire Boards)
    Zandig vs Justice Pain (Barbed Wire Boards)
    Zandig vs Kintaro Kanemura (Barbed Wire and Light Tube Ropes, Light Tube Boards, Wood Boards on Mat crazy asian shit Death Match)
    http://turbobit.net/m118ai47h1ho/BJPW Vs CZW Vol 2 rollinhard88.part1.rar.html
    http://turbobit.net/v73fw6dhv4ll/BJPW Vs CZW Vol 2 rollinhard88.part2.rar.html
    http://www.hitfile.net/ZeVS/BJPW Vs CZW Vol 2 rollinhard88.part1.rar.html
    http://www.hitfile.net/nmvJ/BJPW Vs CZW Vol 2 rollinhard88.part2.rar.html



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