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    Default Spooky time on Sasural Simar Ka; Sunainaís ghost to help Simar reach her murderers

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    Sunainaís murder mystery is about to be unveiled in Colorsí Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

    Let us hit the rewind button and get you back on time.

    Roliís ( Avika Gor) car hit a lady who died soon after. Just to rectify her sisterís mistake Simar (Dipika Samson) gave up her life and family to stay with the demise ladyís family and take her identity. Hence, she was known as Sunaina thereon.

    However, over the past few episodes the sisters Simar and Roli have been trying to get into the depth of Sunainaís death story. Was it just an accident? Or did she die much before coming under Roliís car?

    Well a few of the puzzles have been solved where the detective sisters believe that Kartik (Prateek Shukla), Suninaís brother-in-law was involved in her murder but most of it is yet to be solved.

    As per a reliable source, Simar will now tumble upon this mystery with the help of the dead.

    The biggest revelation on Sasural Simar Ka will be that Sunaina herself has been helping Simar and Roli get hold of the culprits as Sunianís friend Aditi.

    We hear that Simar will soon get to know that Aditi (Neetha Shetty) is Sunaina for she finds her picture in the house. This will come as a big shocker to Simar who believed Aditi to be a human. But, soon after Aditi will reveal her truth to Simar and also tell her about her murder.

    So, who all were responsible for her murder?

    Kartik and Baa (Minal Karpe) were involved in silencing Sunaina.

    What Simar does after learning the reality is for the viewers to wait and watch.

    We tried contacting Neetha, Prateek and Minal but they remained unavailable for comment.

    Keep reading this space for more.



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