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    Khatron Ke Khiladi - Tournament (SemiFinal - 1)

    [Kool2bAsian] [vs] [Bidz]

    Bhavik: first semi final



    Bhavik: here is mr dc going against bidz who just won 1 game

    Kool2bAsian: hello all

    Bidz: lol raite
    lets begin
    i need to loose soon
    and get over it too

    Kool2bAsian: nah ill loose

    Bhavik: here another special guest floral

    Kool2bAsian: hiii!

    Bidz: FLORALLL


    Kool2bAsian: i gt no supporterz have i?

    fαℓαк: pinny

    Bhavik: falak supporting bidz n floral to her uk mate mr dc

    Bidz: lolll

    Kool2bAsian: yaiii

    Floral: lol

    fαℓαк: ya me wid bidz

    Kool2bAsian: UK duuno

    Bidz: falak

    fαℓαк: pinny come to our team

    Floral: me wid my veti

    fαℓαк: ur all alone now mr.dc kid

    Bidz: lol

    Kool2bAsian: huh hard lyf
    its ok
    i can handle myself

    Bhavik: yr d man
    lets do it m wid u let boys make to finals

    Kool2bAsian: klkl

    fαℓαк: my girls r still here

    Bidz: ah bhavik

    Bhavik: sry bidz

    fαℓαк: let me beat u UP now unch:

    Bhavik: still my good lucks wid both
    chalo chalo let's start lol

    same rules just diff in semi is there are 7 questions n no more pickin in semi i picked random on my own

    Bidz: lol

    Bhavik: 1st question ready alllll?

    Bidz: yeaa

    Floral: ready

    fαℓαк: ready

    Kool2bAsian: ok ready

    Bhavik: 1st question
    1. Which religious leader was assassinated on 4th April 1968?

    1. Jesse Jackson
    2. Martin Luther King
    3. Mother Theresa
    4. Pope Paul

    Kool2bAsian: 2

    Bhavik: mr dc gets it

    Kool2bAsian: my guess iz always ryt lol

    Bhavik: lol

    Kool2bAsian: my luck is 2 good

    fαℓαк: ok

    Bhavik: luck is d key

    Kool2bAsian: yh baby lol

    fαℓαк: ur unlucky now cuz i said it

    Bhavik: 1 - 0 after 1 question..


    Kool2bAsian: dnt worry ill loose

    Bhavik: 2nd question now

    Kool2bAsian: gd luck bidz

    2. The long term pattern of weather in a particular region is known as its what?

    1. Biosphere
    2. Climate
    3. Macrosphere
    4. Regional pressure zone

    Bidz: 2

    Kool2bAsian: 1

    Bhavik: bidz gets that one
    answer is climate


    fαℓαк: bidz rox

    Kool2bAsian: i dnt even knw to answer to all diz questionz lol

    Bhavik: 1 - 1 after 2 questions 5 to go

    Kool2bAsian: sciencee n maths plz lol

    Bidz: lol

    fαℓαк: cheer for bidz pinny

    Kool2bAsian: go bidz!!

    fαℓαк: tht was science dumb

    Floral: yay

    Bhavik: that was geo

    Kool2bAsian: wateva not to me lol
    yh there u go lol

    fαℓαк: still part of science

    Bidz: LOL

    fαℓαк: cuz ur dumb

    Kool2bAsian: ok fine ! lol

    Bhavik: arite 3rd question

    3. Who played Mrs Khiladi in Mr And Mrs Khiladi?

    1) Raveena Tandon
    2) Karisma Kapoor
    3) Juhi Chawla
    4) Manisha Koirala

    Bidz: 1

    Bhavik: wrong

    Kool2bAsian: 1

    Bhavik: both wrong
    answer is 3
    no one gets this one

    fαℓαк: darn it bidz

    Kool2bAsian: damn old bolly moviez lol

    Bhavik: 1 - 1 after 3 questions
    next 4th question

    Kool2bAsian: ok

    4. The Treaty of Versailles was signed in

    1. 1914
    2. 1920
    3. 1928
    4. 1919

    Kool2bAsian: 3

    Bidz: 2

    Bhavik: wrong wrong
    answer is...

    Kool2bAsian: 4

    Bhavik: 4 ya

    Bidz: loll

    Bhavik: 1 - 1 after 4 questions now
    3 to go

    Bidz: next

    Bhavik: 5th question

    5. The first Prime Minister of India was:

    1. Indira Gandhi
    2. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
    3. Jawaharlal Nehru
    4. Lal Bahadur Shastri

    Kool2bAsian: 4

    Bidz: 3

    Bhavik: wrong

    Bhavik: 3 is rite

    fαℓαк: bidz

    Bhavik: no one from india so fair question

    Kool2bAsian: who is no 4 y did i say 4 lol

    Bhavik: 2 - 1 after 5 questions

    fαℓαк: bidz got it na?

    Bhavik: if bidz gets next all done
    not yet

    Kool2bAsian: ill lose no worry

    Bhavik: total 7 questions in semi

    Bidz: feels like 100


    Bhavik: lol

    Kool2bAsian: tru say tho

    Bidz: next

    Bhavik: lets make it quick now

    Bhavik: 6th question
    6. Whats the capital of Australia?
    1. Canberra
    2. Sydney
    3. Melbourne
    4. Perth

    Kool2bAsian: 2

    Bidz: 2

    Bhavik: both wrong

    Kool2bAsian: who wz first lol?

    Kool2bAsian: 3
    fαℓαк: 2

    Bhavik: 1

    next unch:

    Bhavik: 7th question if bidz gets she wins if no one gets still she wins if dc gets then tie bracker

    fαℓαк: discount guD luck

    Kool2bAsian: ty

    fαℓαк: np

    Kool2bAsian: but ur gd luck wont help me
    Bhavik: last question

    fαℓαк: i made u unlucky today

    Kool2bAsian: yh baby go for it lol
    yh lol

    Bhavik: 7th n final question

    7. Who was known as The Bard of Avon?
    1. Mohammed Ali
    2. Abraham Lincoln
    3. Napoleon Bonaparte
    4. William Shakespeare

    Kool2bAsian: loooll

    Bidz: 3

    Bhavik: wrong

    Kool2bAsian: dont knw

    Bhavik: both wrong

    Bhavik: answr is 4

    Bidz: lol arite

    Kool2bAsian: braap lol

    Bidz: is it done?

    fαℓαк: bidz won?

    Bhavik: ya final score 2 - 1

    fαℓαк: bidz in da final

    Kool2bAsian: gg

    Bhavik: dang semi final n no one got 4 questions

    fαℓαк: congratz bidz

    Kool2bAsian: congo

    fαℓαк: bidz in da final
    bidz rox
    party bidz now

    Bhavik: ok ok first finalist bidz
    thanks for join both

    Bidz: lol to loose finals
    great game dc

    Kool2bAsian: thanks for the game
    thanks all

    [Kool2bAsian] [vs] [Bidz]

    Final Score
    :: 1-2

    Tie-Bracker Round
    :: --


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    ek din main kitna episode hona hai final bhi ajj he kardooo

    congarts bids.

    dc weldoneeeeeeeeeee
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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    kabse ho gaya tha aaj mila post karne ko

    final saturday or sunday most likely

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    Quote Originally Posted by dR Boy View Post
    kabse ho gaya tha aaj mila post karne ko

    final saturday or sunday most likely

    nycc work dr boy
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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    loll cant wait till the finals am hosting too boy

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    LOL funny show
    great work db

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    congo bidz

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    COngO bidz

    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    nice nice
    Don't be so humble - you are not that great.

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    if u know dunt know now u know...bidz is smart
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    congo bidz

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    nicenice... too much khatra in this game

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    Lol finally I lost
    Congo Bidz



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