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    Default Gauri and family's Roman holiday!

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    The first lady of Bollywood turns 40 today and she is going to celebrate it in style. Gauri Khan is having a blast in Rome with husband Shah Rukh Khan and of course, their kids Aaryan and Suhana. But that's not all. Gauri has flown in a gaggle of girlfriends including Kaajal Anand, Bhavna Pandey, Neelam and a few others. We also hear a few of her extended family members are also part of the celebrations in Rome. Good friend Karan, however, is not part of this long party as he is busy with putting finishing touches for his show at couture week. Incidentally, the show will have Gauri walking the ramp with 20 hot male models.


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    thx rainy
    btw u luk stupid sona ^^
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