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    Default Salman is chilled out: Asin

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    Southern spice girl Asin spills the beans on her B-town moves

    and grooves.

    The word Chennai seems to be lucky for Asin. In her hit Telugu film Amma Nana O Tamil Ammayi she was called Chennai and in her forthcoming film (London Dreams) Salman calls her Chennai Express.

    “Whenever Salman would call me Chennai, my thoughts would go back to my shooting stints in Hyderabad. Puri Jagannath was such an amazing director, he made me so comfortable. Doing the film was a joy,” chirps Asin as she zips down memory lane with TOI. Excerpts from an interview...

    After your much reported ‘turbulent’ working relationship with Aamir Khan, what was working with Salman Khan like?

    I’m surprised when I hear stories about my supposed tough time with Aamir. Basically, I’m a hassle-free person. As for Salman, he’s totally chilled out. Working with him was like a party. We would bring lunch from home and eat together.

    We’ve heard that Ajay Devgn and you get along well too?

    Ajay and Salman get on like a house on fire and those good vibes spread to the rest of us. I used to spend most of the time on the sets with them. In fact, Ajay was a surprise. I’d always seen him as an actor who plays intense characters on screen. In real life, he’s a prankster. Working with him is fun.

    You seem to have made a lot of friends in Bollywood...

    Yeah, I am a friendly person. I loved doing Farah Khan’s show because Deepika Padukone is a friend. We first met at an awards function and got chatting backstage. I’m also friends with Anushka Sharma. Sonam Kapoor and I keep in touch. Sri Devi ma’am is my neighbour — she stays on the first floor and I’m on the sixth of the same building.

    How has it been settling down in Mumbai and living independently?

    I have taken to Mumbai like fish to water. I do have an independent flat for myself, but my parents live nearby in an adjacent flat. I’ve tried as far as possible to take off the burden of managing my work from my father. I now have a company managing my work.

    Are you doing a film with Abhishek Bachchan? We hear you’ve been roped in to do a film directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, based on the Chittagong uprising?
    I wouldn’t like to confirm anything at this juncture. I prefer it when this kind of information comes from the production houses.

    Your future projects...
    I’ll be doing a southern film in 2010. Then there’s 19 Steps that might take a while to release.

    You’ve learnt Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art of Kerala for 19 steps. What’s your fitness regime and diet like?
    Whenever I have time I follow a regime that includes cardio and lightweights.

    There’s buzz that you turned down a promotional act for an animal rights organisation because you are non-vegetarian.
    I’m clueless about how these stories spread about me having turned down a promotional act for a good cause! I’m not Countess Dracula! I might be non-vegetarian, but there are days when I haven’t eaten meat. When I eat non-vegetarian, it’s mostly fish and chicken.

    Is there any particular Bollywood hero you want to work with?

    It’s already two Khans down for me. I’d love to act with all the Khans and every hero in Bollywood!

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