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    Default Concern Over Wyatt & Bryan, Backstage News from WWE Money In the Bank

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    Going into Money In the Bank this past week, one of the key topics within WWE was the direction of feuds going into Battleground and SummerSlam.

    WWE is short on top babyfaces, which is one of the reasons why the company hasnít turned Sheamus and why Chris Jericho was brought back. Brock Lesnar is coming back soon but obviously as a top heel.

    There is some concern that Bray Wyatt is getting lost in the shuffle and they are focused on getting him into the new feud with Jericho and keeping his momentum. Of course, there is a lot of concern that Daniel Bryanís momentum has been lost as well.

    Going into the pay-per-view, WWE was banking on the traditional Money In the Bank ladder match to be a shower-saver and so far weíve seen fans praise that match more than the other.

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    Sheamus is boring, so there isn't any use turning him in any way. I'd love to see Lesnar as a face.

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