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    A theme song can make or break a wrestler, so it's extremely important for a wrestler to have a fitting theme song.
    On the indie circuit "real" songs are common, but WWE and TNA often use in-house produced songs.
    WWE and TNA will probably not change certain theme songs, and are also not going to use more "legit" songs.

    Are there theme songs that you'd like to see with certain wrestlers?

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    I've always liked the idea of this one. I know it was used for a mediocre movie, but the chorus and intro would really suit an entrance theme. Suited for a tweener maybe. A smaller guy with a penchant for attacking anybody no matter the odds.

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    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins' theme songs need adjustment because they both suck, but I don't have any suggestions.

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    Now that Drew McIntyre is gone, they should give his old theme to somebody who might actually make the main event. That theme was badass, and they wasted it on him.
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    Okay, I'm also going to suggest fitting themes, but remember, these are just my suggestions of fitting songs. And the chance that these songs are being used in WWE or TNA are 0,000001%

    Here are some suggestions:

    Seth Rollins: Reveille - What You Got or Killswitch Engage - Reckoning

    Dean Ambrose: Terror - Betrayer or Have Heart - Watch Me Sink

    Roman Reigns: Disturbed - Indestructible

    Cesaro: Rammstein - Ich Will or Sonne

    Bray Wyatt: Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet or Hopsin & Tech N9ne - Am I A Psycho?

    Rusev: The Russian National Anthem

    CJ Parker: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Born to Lose

    Dolph Ziggler: Linkin Park - Wretches and Kings

    John Cena: Fort Minor - Remember the Name or Eminem - Not Afraid

    Daniel Bryan: The Ghost Inside - Dark Horse (the theme song I use) or Europe - The Final Countdown (of course he used this song back in ROH)

    Adrian Neville: The Prodigy - Breathe or Ivory - Free the Beast

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    Wow, these are the interesting songs.



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