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    Default WWE Planning to Fire Several NXT Talents Next Month

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    We noted earlier tonight that F4Wonline.com has confirmed a report that WWE is looking at making more budget cuts in the near future. Word is that NXT is the next target of these cost-cutting measures.

    A WWE developmental source noted that the budget for NXT has already been cut in terms of production and post-production. WWE officials will be evaluating the NXT talent roster soon with a number of releases expected to be announced in July.

    WWE is reportedly "staggering" the cuts so they appear to be fiscally responsible to Wall Street and so they donít set off major internal panic.

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    Wow, I'm scared by the fact that WWE is slowly turning into TNA.

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    Get RAW on the Network, and more folks will buy it. I currently have the Network, and am thinking that as soon as my 6 months is up, I am stopping it, because I mainly want to watch RAW, and it isn't even on there. Plus, they butcher the hell out of the shows, cutting out and editing anything that might possibly hint towards a non PG act. Drives me nuts watching the show skip ahead a few seconds throughout the matches.



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