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    Default How Would You Rate Monday Night Raw 2/6/14?

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    That ending was brilliantly well made... Easily the best part of the entire episode. I like that it was Rollins who did the deed and not the other two since it connects the dots when it comes to his behavior and reminds me of the foreshadowing the occured weeks/months ago when he left Ambrose and Reings during their encounter with the Wyatts.

    The ending was a real OMG-moment for me and it looks like this is the end of the Shield as we know it. It's kind of bittersweet since Shield as a faction was amazing but at the same time, they have sort of reached their peak as a team as they have done some of most shocking things to many top superstars along with other actions during their reign.

    I seriously cannot wait for the next RAW episode.

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    I enjoyed RAW more than the PayBack PPV
    It was great man. 5 stars!

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    The end was actually a real surprise for me, as you have never read some Spoilers, that Rollins would turn on them. So it got me really excited and I loved it, but I was also a bit sad that it's the end of The Shield now.

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    Was great, glad the mould broke, shield was boring to me

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    Raw was Amazing

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