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    Default Life OK's Shapath to kick start 'Most Wanted' series; to go vroom vroom

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    After the thrilling space attackers, Life OK’s Shapath (Fireworks Productions) is all set to launch another exciting series named ‘Most Wanted’ in the coming episodes. The episodes promise to be risky and dangerous.

    The series will interestingly have real life characters playing villains unlike the previous make-up injected extra terrestrial enemies. And to kick off things, the makers have planned an exciting episode revolving around real life bikers who would be creating havoc in the city. Also the police team will be seen chasing the killers on bikes.

    The episode will be on the lines of Dhoom-the movie, having intriguing stunts and actions. The cast playing the inspectors had to also undergo a training session to be a pro with the bikes.

    We spoke to Kapil Arya aka Aditya and he said. “It was a wonderful experience riding those bikes. It is going to be a superbly action packed sequence where all of us will be seen racing around on bikes. Even though I am a lot into cars and bikes, this was a different experience altogether.”

    Further Kapil added, “We had a training session and then shot for some of the best action sequences. Also with a lot of our cast getting killed in the series, it will be more of a revenge time on the show. The emotional connect will also thus be there. Overall this is going to be an exciting series for the fans.”

    The series will kick start from 14 June (2014).



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