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    Default Big Plans Revealed for Cesaro & The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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    As of this past week, Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is not penciled in for SummerSlam, even though it seems like a natural match to make for the biggest show of the summer.

    We noted before that Cesaro is a favorite to win the title shot in this year's Money In the Bank ladder match. There was a plan discussed that would have seen Cesaro cash in on Lesnar at SummerSlam, right after Lesnar defeated Bryan for the title, and become the new champion. That plan is said to be off the table for now with Bryan's status up in the air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ the [email protected] View Post
    Goddarnit! Still believe that Cesaro will become world champ around the time of SummerSlam, and he will win Money In The Bank this year.
    I'm also pretty sure that he will win the MITB Briefcase, but if they really plan to turn him Face, a Cash-In on Bryan (IF he still is Champ at Summerslam) wouldn't work to make him a Face. I personally see him then winning the Title later this Year!

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    Sounds like a great idea. Let Lesnar win the match at SS, let Cesaro cash in, causing a rivalry. Make Daniel Bryan the 3rd member of The Shield.



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