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    Default Vince McMahon No Longer Up on a Top WWE Star, What About Triple H?

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    There appeared to be no backlash against Sheamus after he was in the news earlier this month for falling asleep at the Extreme Rules panel during a match and then was involved in a backstage incident with Sin Cara.

    Sheamus won the United States Title in the same week but it’s said that any negative stories that put a bad light on Sheamus are doing him no favors with Vince McMahon. Word is that Vince has “lost interest” in Sheamus.

    At the same time, Triple H continues to be high up on Sheamus and remains his biggest supporter in the company.

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    When a superstar gets overexposure, they can get boring after a while, making it hard for the superstar to maintain popularity. It is hard for them to reinvent themselves, which is why they will toggle between face and heel every couple of years. Cena, on the other hand, is always in the middle - which is why half the crowds chants for him, then the other half chants "Cena SUCKS!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigHumpDaddy View Post
    which is why half the crowds chants for him, then the other half chants "Cena SUCKS!"
    More like most of the kids, they don't always make up for half the crowd numbers



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