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    Default Frieda Pinto- Will Bollywood accept her?

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    Frieda Pinto is beautiful. Atleast that's what the rest of the world says. International media has put her on most beautiful people lists and such. But we all know that in India, her beauty would not be heralded. Indians, especaially those living in India wouldnt considred her looks extarordianry. She would be considered passe with her complexion and looks. Some users have even described her as looking like "a maid".
    In india, fair, light eyed, fair, skinny, tall, did i mention mostly fair woman would be considred extremly beautful. It is more western, fair, doll-like looking actress like Aish and Katrina that are given such a pedestal. Rarely do we ever accept a Kajol, Rani, or Konkana. The likes of Frieda Pinto who are truly beautful in every indian sense--She actually looks like a normal Indian!- would never be considered a sparkling beauty.
    Do you think Bollywood would accpet Frieda Pinto and ever give her the recognition that an Aish, or Katrina recieve?


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    no RIP Frieda

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    Thanks for sharing

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    dont like her so no



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