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    After doing some dark roles, Kangna Ranaut’s now happy to have finally signed on some light-hearted comedy and romantic films.

    And she’s having so much fun shooting for the comedies that she confessed that the genre may soon become her favourite. Kangna, who’s currently shooting for No Problem, says, “It was such an amazing change to not look or feel depressed for a role. Besides, the atmosphere on the sets is so light that you not only laugh on camera, but even off it.” Intense roles do take a toll on her.

    She says, “Looking sad all the time can be real tough. By the end of the film you feel so drained, that you need to take off on a long vacation. But on the sets of No Problem, it felt like we were on a vacation.” Well, Kangna we’re hoping your fans will have as much fun watching you on screen, as you had off it!


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