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    Default Farhan faces the blues for role

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    After a self-imposed house arrest to prepare for his next film, Farhan Akhtar was so depressed that he took two months to recover

    Farhan Akhtar recently took his love for method acting too far. So involved was he with his role in his forthcoming film, Karthik Calling Karthik that he took two long months to get back to his normal self.

    The story goes that for his next film, Karthik Calling Karthik, in which he plays a super intense character, Farhan locked himself in his house and refused to meet or interact with anyone to prepare for his role. He did this continuously for eight days. Farhan didnít even spare his immediate family during the eight days that he had locked himself up. He would hardly interact with them.

    The actor also stopped his daily work out altogether as he plays the boy-next-door, which requires him to look very unlike a hero.

    After preparing for eight days, Farhan shot for the film start to finish, which took a toll on him. The immediate aftereffect of the self-imposed arrest was that he withdrew into a shell and didnít have a social life for a long time.

    When Farhan realised that he had taken the love for acting too far, he started getting back to his normal routine by first taking a two-week long holiday overseas. After he came back about a month ago, the first thing he did was hit the gym as he was sorely missing his work out sessions. Exercising daily also made him feel good and he gradually got back his confidence, which he had lost because of getting under the skin of the character.

    Farhan is still in the process of reclaiming his life and he makes sure that he meets his old friends regularly and also has begun getting back to his busy work schedule, slowly but surely.

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