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    Default Jim Ross Recalls Owen Hart Ribbing Him Backstage

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    Jim Ross recently spoke with The Province and revealed his favorite Owen Hart rib:

    "I was having a long day in my make-shift office at an arena when I was in charge of the talent roster at WWE. I had an extended conversation with someone that was having substance-abuse issues; that was our suspicion. Owen saw that my door had been closed for several hours. (As I headed to the arena to commentate for the TV broadcast), I catch him coming down the hall, stumbling, bouncing off the walls. I get up close to him, hes got this white substance under his nose like hes been doing cocaine. Obviously, Owen was not a drug user at all. Long story short, hed gone to the desert table at catering and got a powdered doughnut, trying to cheer me up and say, You had a rough day. A lot of us are appreciative of what youre trying to do to help guys."



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