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    Default Shawn Michaels Reveals When WWE Made the Decision To End The Undertaker's Streak

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    Shawn Michaels and Jim Ross had a lengthy discussion about The Undertaker and The Streak during HBK's new interview on The Ross Report.

    Michaels told Ross that the decision to end The Streak was made just four hours before WrestleMania XXX began. Ross added that he spoke to Taker in New Orleans and asked how many matches he has left. Taker told Ross he would know in a few hours, meaning after the match with Brock Lesnar.

    HBK said Taker told him that he would contact Michaels a few weeks after WrestleMania and update him on his health and future. HBK said he does know that Taker was very banged up after the match.

    Michaels also talked about how it was Vince McMahon's decision. Shawn was confident that Vince had a good reason, in his mind, for ending The Streak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centurion View Post
    Michaels told Ross that the decision to end The Streak was made just four hours before WrestleMania XXX began.
    In my eyes HBK is no longer a credible source of info after this statement

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    i always though Taker would retire undefeated. Especially how these past couple years hes been so banged up that he literally only wrestled one time a year and that was at WM. I figured he was just sitting on the sidelines and waiting to hit 25-0 to retire. i originally thought he was going to at 20-0 but then when he went 21-0 I assumed he was shooting for 25-0. I personally don't think it should of been Brock; hes a part timer and has been vocal about only being back for the money.

    In my opinion the streak could of been beaten by somebody who is either looked at as being "the next top guy", or somebody along the lines that at least deserved it a little more. (HHH,HBK, or even Rock would of been better than Brock) However, it could of been A LOT worse...Cena could of ended it



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