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    Cool Wanted : Radhey – Radhey

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    Finally bollywood finds its new Desi SuperHero Radhey, who don’t have power to fly like fussy Superman, doesn’t possess Spider power, don’t have ‘X” factor, but have ROCK SOLID PUNCH to demolish 10-15 at one go, whose presence even scare his own girlfriend, who don’t listen even himself once committed. Radhey – we HAIL you!!

    Audience was dying to watch true action movie which bollywood promises for so many ventures like Singh is king/kambakht ishq/CCTC/Don etc. but viewers always left unsatisfied because they didn’t get what was promised. Bollywood witness last action packed was ‘Gadar’ in 2001, and now after 8 years ‘Wanted’ comes in same league. (However there was one failed attempt in 2005 by RGV in ‘James’).

    So get set and ready for whistles and claps, if you don’t know how to whistle than take classes, because you will feel helpless creature who don’t even able to react to the spine thrilling, hair raising act.

    Movie is about Style, Power and commitment. This is Radhey(Salman) show all the way, who reinvented himself from tough guy(Tere Naam) to super tough guy nothing less than Super Hero. It was just sheer presence of salman khan which makes most ordinary scenes to most watchable breathless act. He deserves truly standing ovation.

    With a wafer thin storyline, keeping audience gluing to screen is tough job handled deftly by director prabhu deva, however sometime you feel overdose of action, but you never mind watching those real hardcore action scenes, which is far better than those animated VFX action scenes. But hold, this thin plot also reveal some suspense in climax. First half of movie was to display that character and power of Radhey, Second half was devoted to transformation and justification of power that Radhey possess.

    Sajid/Wajid scores with some fine tunes which in sync with this hardcore masala flick. “Tera hi jalwa” and “Tose pyaar karte” are best ones followed by “Love me, love me” and “Maja le le“. However movie can do better trick without at least two songs in first half.

    Cinematography is first rate, and choreography is good enough to make audience dance with rhythm. Dialogues are cleverly written, and smartly delivered by characters.

    All in all, Watch this movie if fall in one of these categories, you are Salman khan fan, if you are missing action cinema, if you want to watch Desi Superhero without ‘X’ factor, if you are doing nothing this weekend. But don’t go if you want to spent some intimate time with your girlfriend because crowd around you will not get you intimate and your girlfriend may left you by giving her heart to our Desi Superhero “Radhey”.

    Rating : 4/5 – BollyBusiness

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    mein ne socha tha koi bada film hoga.....btw mein samja nahi why this film name is wanted

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    Thank you



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