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    Default Ranbir Kapoor gets wet for Wake Up Sid

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    Ranbir Kapoor wasn't too thrilled when his director Ayan Mukherji asked him to shoot a promotional music video for Wake up Sid. Not many know that Ranbir has a phobia of water and hates being around a pool or a large water body.

    However, the video demanded that Ranbir, along with a bunch of youngsters, jump into a pool and complete the shoot in neck-deep water.

    Talking about this, Ayan says, "Ranbir was scared of jumping into the water and he feels breathless when he's in the pool. But he's a great actor so nothing of that comes across on the screen. He's done a superb job in the video."

    Shot a few days back, the video is based on the Wake Up Sid Club Mix which is an up tempo version of the title song. Ayan adds, "We decided to use the track because everyone has been loving it. The song is full of energy and exudes the attitude that the film reflects. So we shot it in this bungalow with a bunch of young guys and girls and of course Ranbir who was in the center of it."

    Did Ranbir crib and complain about not doing the video? "Well, he had no choice, but yes, he wasn't too eager to jump into that pool. We have a scene in the film where we see him jump into the pool, that point was the actual inspiration for this video."

    The music video is slated to hit music channels this Sunday.

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