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    Default Guess who was offered Big Boss 3?

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    Anil Kapoor

    Anil Kapoor, after the high flying success of Slumdog Millionaire is international with his appearance on the American teleseries- 24. But thats not all he was offered to host Big Boss 3 which he turned down. Pray why? He didnt bother to check the email on which he was offered the film. Hes been too busy shooting all over the place to be seen on Indian television. Legend has it that he almost did not take up the Slumdog Millionaire assignment till his son threatened to run away from home. Coming to think of it, wasn’t he reprising the role of Big B in the film? Yes he was, and now, Big B has taken up the offer to host Big Boss 3 after Anil showed the producers the door.

    The contestants who are rumoured to appear on the show are a who’s who of has-beens like Chunky Pandey, Aditya Pancholi, Baba Ramdev (who has denied it) and Shakti Kapoor.Big B is no stranger to them, as much as Anil who has worked with them in the past, yet today the superstar has more time on his hands to take on work of his junior when at a time there used to be a reverse case. In the past, when Anil Kapoor took up Meri Jung, which was offered to Big B, it was seen as a project that would finally seal Anil’s fate who wanted to bethe next superstar.

    How things have come around.Big B, on the other hand is elated with the new project he has on hand. At a press conference in Singapore he said, ‘It is going to be Big Boss for Colors.’ It was officially announced to the media at the Marriott Hotel in Singapore. He has already started shooting for the show which begins in October and ends by December 2009.



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