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    Default Twittering lands Emraan Hashmi in trouble

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    Social networks have their own disadvantages, people say. Forget the privacy alone, these sites will land one in any kind of problem for that matter. And this was what Emraan Hashmi learnt. Emraan Hashmi is said to have uploaded stills of his forthcoming movie ‘Tum Mile’, directed by Kunal Deshmukh. The photos which are cited to be exclusive ones have spilled much suspense about the movie, which enraged the director. Sources said that the director is quite disappointed with Emraan and furious with the actor’s irresponsibility. He was bewildered at Emraan’s way of attracting his fans towards him. Kunal Deshmukh is now planning for a serious discussion with Bhatts-the producers and Emraan.
    “We had an entire marketing plan to release these unique visuals on the September 16 so that it grabs media attention. Otherwise it would be just another music release party where media persons watch songs, meet people, party and leave. We didn’t allow anyone to come on the sets throughout the making of the film. We only released Emraan and Soha’s look in the film and not of the 26/7 floods, which the film is based on,” said the upset director. After investing much effort on his film, KD is understandably upset at Emraan’s inadvertent blunder.Whereas Emraan was quite taken aback with this unexpected events. He said that he was totally unaware of that these pictures were part of the promotional activities when he put them up on Twitter. He assured to put things straight at immediate cost and would soon speak to the director. “I am quite surprised as to why such a fuss is being created out of such a non-issue.
    First of all I wasn’t aware of any such clause which barred me from revealing my look and second I don’t see the reason for anyone to make such public statements when this matter could easily be resolved behind closed doors,” Emraan stated. Now the situation has gone so worse that the Producers had to cancel the plans of Music Release as Kunal & Emraan are not even ready to stand together with each other. So, the music will be now in stores without any Launch Party. Poor Emraan! Didn’t you know birdies spread news faster than broadcasters??



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