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    Default Baba Ramdev too fussy for Bigg Boss!

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    Baba Ramdev

    Baba Ramdev has turned down the offer to be a contestant in the third season of Bigg Boss.The channel just couldnít afford the fussy Baba.This, despite the fact that the season boasts of super-celebrity host Amitabh Bachchan, whose fee according to channelís reliable sources is 4 times of what earlier host Shilpa Shetty got. Curiously though the contestants are expected to be upscale according to the hostís stature, the prize money remains unchanged.

    Politicians, musicians and actors are under negotiation. But the names that they want donít find the lure of the prize money to be irresistible.Baba Ramdev, it seems, almost said yes. And then opted out because the discipline at the Bigg House didnít match with his regimen. Says Rajesh Kamat the CEO of Colors, ďYes we were negotiating with Baba Ramdev. But it didnít work out.ĒWas it because of his strict Yogiís regimen? Says Kamat, ďWe were ready to let him get up at 3 am in the morning and do his yoga if he wanted.

    The only thing the participants canít do is sleep beyond 8 am.ĒFrantic negotiations are on to get A-listers to participate. The lure being the Bachchan brand. Says Kamat, ďAll I can say at the moment is; we want to get in people who have an image to further or revamp. Look at what Bigg Boss did to Rakhi Sawant.Ē



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