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    Default Salman Khan bails out Vipul Shah

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    Salman Khan

    Salman Khan is one guy whose tale of rash and rowdy behaviour is celebrated. So whenever any tale supporting the claim of his friends that heís a brawny man with a big heart comes to light, it makes news quite obviously. You see, itís the rarest side of Sallu miyan which is not often experienced! Recently, during the shoot of London Dreams he bailed out Vipul Shah. Apparently, Salman plays a member of a traditional Indian wedding band in the film. But the clothes he was supposed to wear for the sequence didnít reach the sets.

    Moreover, Sallu had given Vipul only few days for shoot as the actor had to resume Veerís shooting. Panic was abounding on the sets and it was then that Salman emerged as the knight or rather Veer in shining armour. He inquired about a few bands around the place and took off for their station. Once there, he asked for a dress and gave them his measurement. After an extensive search, his size was found (he doesnít have that chiseled frame any more, you see and hence the frantic searchÖpst pst!) and the dress was delivered on the sets.

    Vipul confirmed the news and said that they had some other dresses in mind but Salman liked a red dress, which was later picked up. Phew! Thank godÖSalman didnít send the designer packing for his incompetencyÖremember the waiter?

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