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    BreakingPoint PPV Results

    1. Singapore Cane Match

    Kane vs The Great Khali

    Result - Khali gets Kaned - Kane Wins

    2.US Championship

    Us Champion Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

    Result - Kofi Kingston Retains his Title

    3.Unified Tag Team Championship

    Team Jericho/Big Show vs. Team Mark Henry/MVP

    BigShow knocks Mark Henry out with his right hand

    Result - Team Jericho/Bigshow Retains the title

    4.DX vs Legacy

    Team DX vs Legacy

    Heartbreaking Result , Legacy take out DX

    Result - Legacy Wins

    5.ECW Championship

    ECW Champion Christian vs William Regal

    Result - Christian Retains his title

    6.WWE Championship

    John Cena vs Randy Orton - I quit match

    Randy Orton Utters " I QUIT"

    THE Champ is here...

    Result - NEW WWE CHAMPION - John Cena

    7. WWE HeavyWeight Championship

    CM Punk vs The Undertaker

    Hell's Gate crasher
    With the help of a suspicious call by WWE referee Scott Armstrong, The Straightedge Champion secured arguably his most crooked win to date, retaining the World Heavyweight Title against Undertaker in a Submission Match in which The Deadman never actually surrendered.

    Result - CM Punk Retains the Title with a Controversy

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