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    Default The Kevin Steen Show with Chuck Taylor

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    The Kevin Steen Show with Chuck Taylor

    The Kevin Steen Show with Chuck Taylor
    This edition of The Kevin Steen Show features Chuck Taylor, the wrestler, not the salesman. Chuck is known as the leader of the "Gentleman's Club" even though he has kicked multiple
    girls in the face, capo kicked a PWG fan, and had 2 knives pulled on him in one incident.
    One of our goals for this interview was to dig into his "awkward relationship" with Ricochet. He claims they never banged, but we are going to get to the bottom of it one way or
    another. Chuck Taylor may tell you this is a subpar episode of the Kevin Steen Show, but don't listen to him. It's a lot like a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon, top-shelf.
    Aprox. Running Time: 1 hr 50 mins.
    http://turbobit.net/a15z2i2rhuyi/The Kevin Steen Show with Chuck Taylor.rar.html
    http://www.hitfile.net/LS5G/The Kevin Steen Show with Chuck Taylor.rar.html



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