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    Default Fans To Hijack Monday's RAW Broadcast?

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    Fans have reportedly created a Twitter account for this Monday's edition of WWE RAW. The account, @HijackRaw, currently has 994 followers and is using the hastag #HijackRaw.

    WWE officials are said to be aware of the hostile crowd for the event in Chicago, CM Punk's hometown, and they are taking this into consideration for the booking of RAW for Monday
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    Yea, good luck with that, even at full extent it wouldn't achieve a damn thing... Lets say for argument that the CM Punk chant doesn't stop throughout the entire show, WWE still have theirs and everyone else's cash and it's free hype whether good or bad, so why do they care?

    The fans who back are pretty damn stupid, Punk left of his own accord and is unlikely to return (even though he could well do bar no effect from fans), not too sure if they really understand what they are trying to achieve here, if anything they help WWE by further advertising the show lol

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    ECW fans couldn't do much other than just chants .......... Chicago fans are nowhere near as rabid as them

    The ONLY way I can see them "hijacking" the show is to actually not get into the building so WWE will have pretty much empty arena to broadcast LIVE RAW but WWE fans arent that smart (or dumb)

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    The fans are so angry that Batista walked out and then came back and took someone elses Wrestlemania spot. It's not fair. The only thing that will make it right is if CM Punk, who walked out, comes back and takes someone elses Wrestlemania spot.

    I hope WWE sends Corey Graves out and pretends he's CM Punk.
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    The fans these days are stupid as hell. They need to just deal with Punk leaving, and not ruin a show of Raw.



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