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    Default Sonam Kapoor in Danny Boyle's next!

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    After Slumdog Millionaire, it is believed that Anil Kapoor and the Brit director are coming together again. The Oscar-winning director will make a film for the actor's production house.

    A source reveals, "Anil was in talks with the director ever since SM. Danny too was keen to shoot another film in Mumbai, with B-Town stars. The actor and the director bonded well during the making of their last film together, and have formed a bond. It was inevitable that they came together for another project."

    The source continues, "Obviously, Anil's daughter Sonam is being considered for the lead part. Boyle has met the young lass and was impressed with her. The film won't be a typical Bollywood fare, but will have its flavour.
    Anil has kept the news under wraps as he wants to make a big official announcement at the London Film Festival in October."

    Anil Kapoor and Sonam remained unavailable for comment




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