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    Default Neetu Chandra’s joke about RGV !!!

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    Wanna know the year’s best joke? Don’t take things into your own presumptions as see Ram Gopal Varma on the title. Nay! It’s about his so-called full-length comedy flick ‘Agyaat’, but a stipulating take by Neethu Chandra over the filmmaker.

    The actress threw some tantrums while she urged the organizers of Jewellery show where other hotties Kareena Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Sameera Reddy and Raima Sen were present. The actress with her earnest efforts of self-aggrandizing pulled the deal of hosting the show.

    What happened next on podium was something to strike the mirthful quotients as she mentioned, “Ram Gopal Varma has paid me Rs.50Lakhs for miniscule role in his forthcoming ‘Rann’.

    That naturally pushed few amongst the gathering to get involved in extreme laugh-riot as they know how much RGV usually pays his actors.
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