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    Default MCW The 1998 Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Classic

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    MCW The 1998 Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Classic

    Music City Wrestling
    The 1998 Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Classic
    April 4th, 1998
    Fairgrounds Arena
    Nashville, Tennessee
    MCW was an independent promotion owned by Bert Prentice and ran from 1997 till October 2000. In late '98/early '99 the promotion was renamed NWA Worldwide. It was one of
    the first wrestling promotions I remember being able to watch their weekly TV show on the Internet (along with ECW).

    1. The Colorado Kid (Mike Rapada) vs Andy Anderson
    2. Nick Dinsmore (aka Eugene/U-Gene) vs Jason Lee
    3. Shane Eden vs The Assassin
    4. J.C. Ice vs Skinny Kenny
    5. Dog Collar Match: Wolfie D. (w/J.C. Ice) vs Flash Flanagan (w/Paul Adams)
    6. Chris Michaels vs Brickhouse Brown
    7. 20-man Mega Rumble for the vacant MCW North American Heavyweight Title
    8. 4 Way Dance for the vacant MCW North American Tag Team Titles: Limited Edition (Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway) vs The Tennessee Volunteers (Reno Riggins & Steven Dunn) vs
    Ladies Night Out (Shane Eden & Frenchy Riviera) vs The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

    Note: The Battle Royal only has 19 entries for some reason. Also, you might notice the commentary not matching up with the video, starting at the 2nd match. This was how it was
    matched up on the original VHS of this event. If anyone can fix the issue and would to re-upload a fixed copy is more than welcome.
    http://turbobit.net/ko32g692xva5/MCW The 1998 Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Classic.mp4.html
    http://www.hitfile.net/zm2R/MCW The 1998 Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Classic.mp4.html



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