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    Default Genelia breaks down!

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    Among the many inspirational stories shared so far on Tere Mere Beach Mein, it’s Captain Gulia’s that has the celebrity guests get very
    emotional and sob bitterly.

    Host Farah Khan introduces Captain Navin Gulia who has received the President’s award for his will-power and fighting spirit.

    The Captain comes on a wheelchair and heads an NGO Ada. He recollects his life before a tragedy and how he overcame it with sheer willpower. He says, “I was a sportsman as a young man and always wanted o join the army. I joined NDA and trained for three years and did a parajumping course. I wanted to join the special forces and my seniors said I’d quit in few days. I didn’t give up and trained for four years.”

    “Once there was a competition and I was pushed, broke my spinal cord and my entire body was paralysed. I couldn’t speak and could only move my eyes! Doctors gave me 3 days to survive but I resolved that I’d never be a failure. And two years later, they took me out in a wheelchair and then the doctors remarked that maybe, someday, I would be able to move the wheelchair myself,” he says.

    Genelia starts getting emotional and breaks down listening to his story.

    The Captain goes on to say how he overcame even that and he has even driven non-stop 1200 km higher than the base of Mt. Everest He drove non-stop 55 hours and today has his name in the world records.

    Genelia breaks down and says, “I have a very close friend who is also paralysed and who has gone on to do all his work by himself, The reason why I have passed my BMS is because of him. Its amazing how they do everything on their own, to see them strive so hard ...when we talk about second chances I don’t even think we are worth the second chances we get in life.”

    Shahid is also moved and says, “I’m more motivated to realize my goals after meeting you all watching this show, always believe that you can do it..there can be no bigger example than Captain.”

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