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    Default Prachi Desai finally plays her age

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    Mature actor at young age, Prachi Desai is now keyed up to do a film based on underworld ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’. Apart from Prachi Desai, the film also stars fashionable Kangana Ranaut, angry-young-man Ajay Devgan and serial kisser Imran Hashmi.

    “Film is about Mumbai in its 70s. I am playing a young Muslim girl in the film,” she briefs. She is head on heels in love with her role in the film as for a change she is playing her age onscreen. “I am not apprehensive about playing mature characters, in fact I am fortunate to have the caliber to pull it off well, owing to which I am enjoying the popularity of this kind. It is so, on television you are known for your screen image but in films people connect more with your real image. That’s the reason now I wish to play lot of young roles, but this does not mean I am not open to serious roles,” said the discovery of Balaji.

    Prachi plays her age onscreen, but babes still you are a generation behind

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