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    Default Anushka: ****roaches must die!

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    Anushka Manchanda conquers some fears and wants to eliminate some, post
    Anushka Manchanda
    Be Brave: Anushka Manchanda
    the show

    Leggy lass Anushka Manchanda has always had some amount of dushmani with ****roaches, but after her stint on Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2, she wants to see every one of them eradicated.

    Says Anushka, “Snakes and worms are quite harmless. Lizards are creepy but I am not really scared of them. However, ****roaches is another story altogether. After Khatron Ke Khiladi, I hate those little things.”

    The gutsy gal says she has always been very scared of being underwater. However, after her experience on the show, Anushka now says that she has successfully overcome her fear of being drowned. Anushka says that as a child she had almost drowned in a pool. “This show is the perfect place to get rid of your fears. Safety measures and precautions are taken, so that you know you will be safe. I just jumped into the stunts knowing that there was a team of people looking out for me and my safety,” says Anushka.

    So what else did she enjoy on the show? “It has to be Akshay Kumar! I didn’t expect him to be so involved, but he really wanted us to do these stunts well.” she gushes.

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