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    Default MOVIE REVIEW: Fox is too slow !!!

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    But Arjun Rampal and Sagarika Ghatge rise above the dull screenplay !!!

    Deepak Tijori thankfully refrains from any sleaze in his new film Fox. The thriller is about a sharp but corrupt criminal lawyer Arjun (Rampal) who makes a career out of defending bad guys. A conscience attack makes him re prioritise his life and Arjun decides to take a break. During his vacation, he lands upon a dead lawyer’s manuscript. Arjun releases the copy in his own name and the manuscript turns into an overnight bestseller. Trouble begins when a cop (Sunny Deol) frames Arjun for murder, based on clues in the manuscript. Arjun of course has to prove his innocence against a manuscript that doesn’t even belong to him.

    Fox picks up an interesting but deliberately confusing subject. Deepak Tijori weaves in too many characters and forced twists to keep the audience puzzled. Unfortunately his execution lacks bite. Most of the sequences flow in a lethargic manner. After a fast paced start, the movie slips into a long love triangle. Sunny’s impressive entry at the interval point increases expectations. But none of mystery elements add up to a truly gripping climax.

    What makes Fox marginally engaging is Arjun Rampal and Sagarika Ghtage's chemistry. The two somehow manage to rise above the dull proceedings. Rampal is enjoying acting these days so even his wooden expressions actually work. Ghatge deserved a better dubbing artiste, but has a pleasing screen presence. All she needs is truly glamorous role in a lavish film. Udita Gowswami provides some of the oomph factor. However her role adds no meat to the subject. Deol tries hard to rise above a sketchy character and is saddled with mundane dialogues.

    Despite some jerky camera movements, Tijori shows a penchant for thrillers in his shot taking. Next time he needs a better screenplay.

    Verdict: Fox has its thrilling moments but is too slow to make an impact.

    Rating : 2/5
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