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    Default Konkani film goes to Toronto !!!

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    The movie will have five screenings during the film fest !!!

    The latest Indian film to participate at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is The Man Beyond the Bridge (Paltadacho Munis), a Konkani film produced by National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC).

    Drawing together a keen environmental sensitivity with a nuanced view of village dynamics, The Man Beyond the Bridge has a gentle romance set against the dense forest of Goa-Karnataka border. The film is directed by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar, a filmmaker from Goa.

    The film will be screened under the Discoveryísection at this year's Toronto International Film Festival which kicks off on September 10, 2009. This section offers a unique window on contemporary international cinema. The movie will have a total of five screenings during the festival.

    The Man Beyond the Bridge is a story about Vinayak, a forest guard, who lives a lonely life, with just the memories of his dead wife in a Government house in the dense forests of Goa-Karnataka border. His repeatedly rejected pleas for a transfer by his superiors in the Department of Forests have left him bitter. One night, he comes across a filthy, unkempt mentally challenged woman lying in the compound outside his house. He drives her away but she keeps returning.

    From his initial irritation with her filthy appearance and irate behavior, he slowly gets used to her daily visits looking for food and sleeping in the courtyard. With time, he begins to derive comfort from her presence.

    Vinayak's growing relationship with the woman initially, attracts some comment but evokes a strong protest in the village only when she gets pregnant. The villagers question Vinayakís right over mentally challenged and helpless woman. They maintain that his relationship is morally incorrect and should be ended. However, for Vinayak, the woman is his companion and the mother of his child and there is no dilemma in his mind over this.

    Thus begins a conflict between a society that refuses to take responsibility of such a woman and one manís endeavour to integrate her in his life.

    The Man Beyond the Bridge is written and directed by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar. The cast includes Chittaranjan Giri, Veena Jamkar, Prashanti Talpankar and Vasant Josalkar. The music is by Ved Nair, sound by Rajendra Hegde, cinematography by Arup Mandal and edited by Sankalp Meshram. The executive producer of the film is Entertainment Network of Goa. The script prior to its production also went under fine tuning in the Script Lab organised by NFDC in Film Bazaar 2007.
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