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    Default Michael Jackson Vanity Fair September 2009 Tribute Cover

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    [down]The day Michael Jackson died the internet stood still, Google crashed and people committed suicide. The king of pop death was transformed into a huge circus. I haven’t written about it because I am still disgusted.

    Vanity Fair is selling us the September issue with two magazine covers, one to be considered a Farrah Fawcett tribute and the other one a Michael Jackson tribute.

    If you choose to buy the Michael Jackson one here are a few fragments from what you’ll find inside.

    Love. “No I don’t date, no. I like girls and everything, but [laughs] … Oh, you think I’m one of those? No! I’m just not that interested right now.” — Jackson in February 1977

    Fame. “And a lot of entertainers don’t know this, but interviewers help entertainers 100%. I don’t mean promotion-wise; I mean like when they ask you questions, it helps you to look at your future yourself.” — Jackson in February 1977

    Career. On the first mix of the Thriller album: “It was terrible. And I cried at the listening party. I said, ‘I’m sorry — we can’t release this.’ … Everybody at the record company was screaming that we had to have it out and there was a deadline. … So we re-did a mix a day. … We were overworked, but it all came out OK.” — Jackson in 1984





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