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    Default WWE Raw Script from Back in 2000' Leaks Online

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    A script from an episode of RAW has hit the web. Longtime fans may recall the premiere RAW episode on TNN, which took place on September 25, 2000 and featured the return of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin following a lengthy layoff due to neck surgery. The episode was headlined by a WWF Championship Match pitting The Rock against Chris Benoit. Courtesy of a Reddit.com user, the script for the show can be seen down below.

    The user was able to get a hold of the script from his father, who worked backstage that night at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania.

    "Hey guys, if you remember awhile back I posted a script my dad found backstage while working at the Bryce Jordan Center," the user remarked. "I told you I had another one and here it is (sorry for the delay). This was the first broadcast on TNN and a damn good episode of RAW. Enjoy!"

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    Lets go back to the future 13 years past and spoil the results on interwebz !!!

    (Thats all we can do with this script now )

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    It's the first time that I see a script. Interesting to see what is there written what few things the Wrestlers have to do in the Match.

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    I have to say although it looks real, this is the best someone could come up with in 13 years? Also who put that extra A in regal? lol

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    Wow, it's my first time seeing a WWE script. It feels so weird when you think about wrestlers following the script lol.



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