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    Default WWE 24/7 Legends of Wrestling Roundtable Pack

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    WWE 24/7 Legends of Wrestling Roundtable Pack

    First off,I assume this breaks no rules since it aired in the late 2000s and has a ton of post 1996 footage.

    I loved this show. If the WWE network ever becomes a reality,i hope they bring this back.

    this is not a complete collection.
    Episodes include:
    Bad Asses
    Worst Characters
    Monday Night Wars
    WWE.24-7.Legends.Of.Wrestling.Heatseekers.SDTV.XVID-FWG.avi 699.27 MB
    avi WWE.24-7.Legends.Of.Wrestling.Monday.Night.War.SDTV.XVID-FWG.avi 698.74 MB
    avi 24.7.Legends of Wrestling.Worst Characters.vinguido.xvid.avi 511.84 MB
    avi WWE.24-7.Legends.of.Wrestling.Bad.Asses.SDTV.XviD-FWG.avi 696.65 MB
    avi WWE.24-7.Legends.of.Wrestling.Territories.SDTV.XviD-FWG.avi 696.65 MB
    avi WWE.247.Round.Table.Discussion.Factions.2008.09.19.PDTV.XviD-UWH.avi 557.41 MB
    avi WWE.247.Round.Table.Discussion.Legends.2008.09.05.PDTV.XviD-UWH.avi 451.37 MB
 of Wrestling.Worst Characters.vinguido.xvid.avi.html of Wrestling.Worst Characters.vinguido.xvid.avi.html



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