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    Arrow world's first inventions

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    World’s First Digital Camera (1975) Created by Kodak's engineer Steve Sasson

    World's First Album Cover (1938) Smash Song Hits by Rodgers and Hart

    World's First Computer Mouse (1964) by Douglas Engelbart

    World's First Concept Car (1938) Buick Y-Job

    World's First Crossword (1913) Arthur Wynne's Invention

    World's First Magazine (1731) The Gentleman's Magazine

    World's First Microprocessor (1971) Intel 4004

    World's First Motel (1925) Motel Inn

    World's First Motorcycle (1885) Daimler's riding car

    World's First MP3 Player (1998) MPMan 32MB

    World's First Novel (1007) Tale of Genji

    World's First Photograph (1826) View from the Window at Le Gras

    World's First Skyscraper (1885) Home Insurance Building in Chicago

    World's First Web Server and Web Site (1990) a NeXT computer at CERN

    World's First X-Ray (1895) Röntgen's wife hand

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