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    Default Shahrukh Khan’s not crying for me: Salman

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    Salman, SRK

    It is very unlikely that Salman Khan would finish an interview without being asked about his relationship with friend turned foe Shahrukh Khan. In a recent interview Salman said that he and Shahrukh becoming friends again was out of question as Shahrukh doesn’t miss him. Being slightly sarcastic Salman said that Shahrukh was not crying over the issue and was doing well with his professional career.

    On the infamous spat on Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash last year Salman said that people normally do have fights and settle things the next morning, just that this incident was blown up and taken to a different level the next morning He added that if things were sorted out that night itself the entire scenario could have been different but he felt a patch up was not on Shahrukh’s agenda.

    Salman however denied that he had ever been very close to Shahrukh Khan . He candidly said that he and Shahrukh used to hang out together and did a few films together but they were never close enough to be referred to as buddies. Well Shahrukh did you hear this, perhaps you should start missing Salman and who knows the mother of all Bollywood patch ups could take place.

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