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    Default Do you wanna Partner 2 without Katrina Kaif?

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    Do you wanna Partner 2? While Golmaal and Dhoom are onto their third installments, Partner is still lagging behind with its sequel, which seems to have come to a standstill.

    This is because of the lack of a good script and many other factors.

    While Salman Khan and producer Sohail Khan are very keen on the project, director David Dhawan has failed to come up with a good idea to pull on Partner.

    Salman and Govinda’s dates had been booked for the second half of this year but Katrina Kaif backed out of the film. So, it seems unlikely that audiences will get to see Partner 2, at least as of now.

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    partner 2 widout Kat..will b flop..

    thanx 4 the news.

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    i'm a little bored of seeing katrina in every 3rd film

    ...someone else should get this chance...someone who knows more about acting than glamour

    вεąυțŷ Qυεεή őƒ ďя

    Hq ƎɔI



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