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    Default Sunny Claims Sable Disowned Adopted Daughter, WWE Magazine Talks to Hall of Famers, More

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    - When a fan replied to Sunny on Twitter and said that Sable is the sexiest Diva to date, Sunny replied with the following:

    "Sable is a Grandmother now.... and hasnt aged well"

    She continued:

    "but legit, she is a grandmother. Her daughter Mariah gave birth like 2 years ago...Marc Mero is her adopted father, and is the only one in her life. Rena disowned her when she was 16. Real nice lady Smile there is no feud and i have no hard feelings. Im just stating facts told to me by Marc... I wish her the best"

    - Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Leo Kruger will be meeting fans before the WWE NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida at the Jacksonville Armory tonight.

    - WWE Magazine interviewed Hall of Famers Edge and Shawn Michaels yesterday for future issues.

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