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    Default What Happened to WWE's Deal with Yahoo?, Update on WWE Seeking Mexican Talents, More

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    - Regarding WWE's content deal with Yahoo that was announced this past April, the one that everyone figured would be the end of WWE's partnership with YouTube, the official word from both WWE and Yahoo is that the deal was delayed due to a variety of factors but they're still exploring opportunities together.

    - A new name in WWE developmental is Cole Andrews, real name Stephen Good. He's measured at the NFL combine at 6 foot 4 3/4 inches and 300 pounds. He's since trimmed down to 275 pounds. Andrews started as an offensive guard for the University of Oklahoma last season but wasn't drafted in the NFL draft, despite being a prospect. He's very strong, having done a competition 475 pound bench press at the age of 17. Jim Ross was instrumental in getting Andrews a WWE tryout.

    - When WWE was recently in Mexico, they did not do any tryouts with talents like they usually do when they're in Mexico or the UK. WWE is still very interested in Mexican talent but the approach will be different. WWE is not interested in Volador Jr. and Rey Mysterio, through his influence, is likely to get a tryout for Bestia 666, the son of Damian 666.



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