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    Default Aamir wants an onion!

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    We’ve heard of a sweet tooth, but before this we’ve never heard of anything like the ‘onion’ tooth.

    Yeah, Aamir Khan’s had got the ‘O’ spot, which stemmed from his love of onions. Apparently the actor couldn’t miss a meal (a typical Indian fare) without throwing in some kaanda — raw, cooked, or in any other form.

    But of late, he ensures that he keeps away from the ‘root’ of all odours. Only because he has to go home to a loving wife. Not to add, shoot with his co-stars while providing them comfortable proximity.

    Recently on one of his ad sets, we noticed that AK was all-vigilant about having sev puri (and he ordered it for the entire unit), but there was one special order — minus the onions. That was only dished out to AK. The sacrifices a man has to make for great work and a lovely wife, no? ‘O’ deah, what a pity!

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