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    Default Fire on the sets of Zee TVís Qubool Hai

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    It seems, short circuits on the sets of television shows have become a norm these days.
    Why do we say so?

    Well, after Zee TVís Aaj KiÖHousewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai and Colorsí Comedy Nightís With Kapil getting burnt down to ashes due to short circuits, the same concern seems to be bothering the crew of Zee TVís Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films).

    As per a reliable source, a short circuit caused fire on the sets of the show three weeks ago. Rooms in the first floor were filled with smoke and the shooting had to be stopped till things came into control.
    If that was not enough, another short circuit caused another small fire on the sets of Qubool Hai a couple days back while shooting for a ďlightningĒ scene.

    In fact, the shooting schedule that had to be completed by 3 am had to be extended till 7 am due to the set being filled with smoke. Luckily nobody was hurt and everything was put in place yet again.

    When contacted producer Gul Khan she laughed and said, ďItís just that the lights went off so we couldnít shoot for a couple of hours but there was no drama around it.Ē

    Allís well that ends well!!!

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