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    Default Top 50 Wrestling Theme Songs Revealed

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    WWE published a list of their top 50 wrestling theme songs. Here is the complete list:

    50. Tazz “13”
    49. Too Cool “U Look Fly 2 Day”
    48. Drew McIntyre “Broken Dreams”
    47. The Shield “Special Op”
    46. Steve Blackman “Drums in the Night”
    45. Prime Time Players “Making Moves”
    44. Maven “Tatoo”
    43. Ken Shamrock “The Ultimate”
    42. The Miz “I Came To Play”
    41. Jake “The Snake” Roberts “Snake Bit”
    40. Goldberg “Invasion”
    39. The Oddities “Oddities”
    38. Brock Lesnar “Next Big Thing”
    37. Vader “Mastodon”
    36. Sheamus “Written in my Face”
    35. Legion of Doom “What a Rush”
    34. The Wyatt Family “Live in Fear”
    33. Booker T “Rap Sheet”
    32. C.M. Punk “Cut of Personality”
    31. Christian “At Last”
    30. Big Show “Crank It Up”
    29. Evolution “Line in the Sand”
    28. Mankind “Wreck”
    27. John Cena “Basic Thuganomics”
    26. Goldust “Gold Lust”
    25. Batista “Walk Alone”
    24. Mr. Perfect “Perfection”
    23. Mark Henry “Some Bodies Gonna Get It”
    22. Dusty Rhodes “Common Man Boogie”
    21. C.M. Punk “This Fire Burns”
    20. D Generation-X “Are You Ready?”
    19. Chris Jericho “Break the Walls Down”
    18. Ultimate Warrior “Unstable”
    17. Randy Savage “Pomp and Circumstance”
    16. Kurt Angle “Medal”
    15. John Cena “The Time is Now”
    14. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase “It’s All About the Money”
    13. Kane “Burned”
    12. Honky Tonk Man “Cool, Cocky, Bad.”
    11. The Brood “Blood”
    10. Randy Orton “Voices”
    9. Shawn Michaels “Sexy Boy”
    8. Triple H “The Game”
    7. Ric Flair “Also Sprach Zatathustra”
    6. The Rock “Electrifying”
    5. The Undertaker “Graveyard Symphony”
    4. Mr. McMahon “No Chance in Hell”
    3. Edge “Metalingus”
    2. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin “Hell Frozen Over”
    1. Hulk Hogan “Real American”

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    cool rock on 6 and dx on 20 O_0

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    Seriously christian - at last... lol i hated that theme song how about broken glass by disturbed that was SCSA song for awhile

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    11. The Brood “Blood”

    This should've been in top 5

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    On a side note, LOTs of Hulk Hogan's stuff poping up in the top ranks that didnt happen for past few years.

    Remember those polling numbers the other day on RAW?

    Something fishy there i say ...........



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