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    Default Vishal Dadlani gets angry at Shrivastava

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    Singer Vishal Dadlani gets angry at Shrivastava
    Vishal Dadlani orders funny man Shrivastava off stage when he tries to 'steal his thunder'.

    It all began when composer duo Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Rajviani were performing to their Bachna Ae Haseeno track at the Rajiv Gandhi awards. Out of the blue, funnyman Raju Srivastava popped up on the stage.

    He thought his impromptu act would add to the entertainment. Says an eyewitness, "Raju was just trying to be funny and raise laughs in the auditorium something Vishal could not digest." Says Raju, "It was just an on-the-spot, flash decision to liven up their act. The music and melody just made me feel like dancing, so I went up to do a few steps."

    It is learnt that Raju had already completed his standup act at the event. So it wasn't 'part of the script', so as to speak. Adds Raju, "Everyone started clapping and cheering when I did a jig. There were several Congress bigwigs in the front row like Vilasrao Deshmukh and Kripa Shankar Singh who were laughing aloud and cheering me.

    But Vishal didn't seem to like it." The singer-composer asked him to get off the stage in full public view. Onlookers were taken aback when Vishal stopped Raju dead in his tracks and curtly (and in no uncertain terms) told him to step off the dais.

    By now, a visibly peeved off Vishal told the comic to end it and leave the stage pronto. Says Raju, "Maybe Vishal thought I was eating into his footage. He came and told me in my ears that don't do this now and that I could do it later." The funny man got dead serious and quietly went back to his seat.

    Vishal is currently in England and despite text messages, remained unavailable for comment.
    The event is slated to be telecast on Sony next month and whether the 'get out' gesture will be edited, remains to be seen.
    Just goes to show... Vishal Dadlani isn't too fond of jokes or jokesters.


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    lol.. Thanks for sharing

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    nice work

    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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